About Advanced Cerametrics

The mission of the company is to successfully commercialize breakthrough product solutions based on Advanced Cerametrics’ proprietary ceramic fiber and piezoelectric fiber composite technology.

To do this, Advanced Cerametrics (ACI, formerly Lambertville Ceramics) must meet and exceed growing customer requirements and expectations by providing uniquely differentiated fiber composite solutions that solve real problems in identified growth markets.

Advanced Cerametrics is committed to:

  • Constantly improving value provided by its products in order to maintain feature and cost / benefit leadership in the market
  • Evolving technology solutions which allow it to be the leader in unique application niches
  • Developing close strategic relationships with industry-leading companies that use Advanced Cerametrics’ technology to expand their own competitive advantage
  • Technology leadership – our first-mover advantage from developing strategic solutions and our proven product development make Advanced Cerametrics the first choice for developing new products based on ceramic fiber and piezoelectric technologies

Advanced Cerametrics Incorporated At a Glance

  • Proprietary ceramic fiber production technology
    • The standard source for micro power energy harvesting and self generating vibration control
    • Third generation Harvestor-III™ power module introduced mid 2009
  • Revolutionary technology to make spun ceramic fiber for:
    • Vibration energy harvesting for powering micro-electronics and low power circuits
    • Vibration damping / structural support and sensing
    • Battlefield defense materials and systems
  • Headquarters
    • Manufacturing & Research and Development in a 20,000 ft² facility in Lambertville, NJ
  • Founded in 1947

Company Focus – Energy from Motion™

Advanced Cerametrics’ strategic market focus is on powering electronics and managing vibration. The flexibility of Advanced Cerametrics’ fiber gives our products a physically superior capability to convert (harvest) useful amounts of electrical power from vibration or motion via the piezoelectric effect. Advanced Cerametrics can also use the same components and reverse this process to actively dampen vibration. The list of potential applications for advanced ceramic technology is nearly limitless.