Advanced Cerametrics is a leading innovator of piezoelectric energy harvesting.

Our first mover advantages from developing strategic solution stacks and our proven product development process make Advanced Cerametrics the first choice for products based on ceramic fiber and piezoelectric technologies.

The flexibility of Advanced Cerametrics’ fiber gives our products a physically superior capability to convert (harvest) useful amounts of electrical power from vibration or motion via the piezoelectric effect. The same components can be used to reverse this process to actively dampen vibration. The list of potential applications for advanced ceramic technology is nearly limitless.

Energy Harvesting

Advanced Cerametrics’ Energy Harvestor™ provides perpetual electric power from vibration by means of a compact unit that harvests mechanical energy using fiber composite material and a proprietary power management circuit. Our third generation Harvestor™ power module provides a 38% increase in charge performance.

Piezoelectric Fiber Composites

Advanced Cerametrics’ line of piezoelectric fibers and composite materials enable the production of actively controlled structures, embedded power sources, and sensors with unparalleled granularity. Our fiber technology has been incorporated in the latest “active smart” sporting goods and is now being used in next generation aircraft, automobiles, motorcycles, wireless sensors, acoustical equipment, sports gear, industrial equipment, infrastructure and apparel.

Industrial Ceramics

In addition, Advanced Cerametrics offers standard and made-to-order, high-grade porcelain, high-purity aluminum oxide and titanium oxide structural wear and insulation components for industrial applications.