Technology & Development

Proven Advanced Cerametrics Inc. Technology: Advanced Cerametrics has significant intellectual properties as a result of developing a process for manufacturing ceramics in a flexible fiber form.

The patented process, trademarked as Viscose Suspension Spinning Process (VSSP™), was invented by Advanced Cerametrics in 1989, while exploring ways to create super-conductive fibers. Military interest in Advanced Cerametrics specialty materials led to significant investment in research and development by the Department of Defense. Since that time, the company has evolved its breakthrough knowledge and intellectual property to become a leading designer of solutions based on ceramic fiber including energy harvesting, vibration dampening and development of advanced materials for military.

Advanced Cerametrics’ uniquely flexible piezoelectric ceramic fiber is laminated into formable structures and cut to form, fit and function via proprietary processes. These are called Piezoelectric Fiber Composites (PFCs) and when the fiber is on both sides of the composite they are called Piezoelectric Fiber Composite Bi-morphs (PFCBs). These PFCs are actually small generators of electricity that are powered by motion. PFCs use the “piezo effect” (i.e. when ceramics bend or stress an electron flow is caused). Advanced Cerametrics’ PFCs and proprietary power management chip maximize the conversion of mechanical to electrical power via the proprietary fiber and composite design.

Custom Product Development

Advanced Cerametrics develops deep relationships with our clients who are leaders in their industries in order to co-develop industry changing applications. The company uses a structured process for developing and launching new products called the “Gated Approach.” This discipline assures that products are developed and launched not only efficiently, but also that the resulting products meets the strategic criteria set with the Advanced Cerametrics client.